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                           Sanaye Chodan Isfahan (SCI)

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Business                     :
 Casting ,  machining and finishing
Product range             : Fifth Wheel , Row and machined heavy drive components in trucks , trailers (show products)
Brand                           :  SCI
Established                  :   in 1982
Shop floor                    : 150,000 sq.m wich 40,000 sq.m indoor
Process capability       : 20,000 tons of cast iron per year and 5,000 tons of machining per year
Products weigh          :
Our plants are capable of producing and handling casting from 1 kg to 300 kg
Quality                         :


Certified according to standard ISO/TS 16949-2009
laboratory accredit  ES/2779 ISO 17025 from ISIRI for fifth wheel set
Mandatory Standard Mark Application License  6341811925 from ISIRI for Fifth wheel set

settle the national laoratory standard 17025 and take place in audit list from accreditation organization of iran


our customers  :           


-Iran Manufacturer companies, such as Iran Khodro Dizel from 1991 ,saipa diesel from1991, Mehvar Khodro from 1996.
-Export  from 1991

IATF 1196010121 Certification



IATF 1196010121

Certificate TSU430329

Fifth Wheel SCI EmarkFifth Wheel SCI Emark

by developing its manufacturing capacity up to 20 thousand tons in an area of over one hundred square meters and with more than 200 experienced manpower, this company seeks to take a step toward the advancement of the country's industry via its more active presence in the international arena.

This company has produced heavy and semi-heavy vehicle parts at the level of national and international standards by using facilities such as manual and fully automatic molding lines, 5-and 15-ton induction furnaces, CNC  (universal) parts complementation machinery, and by enhancing its laboratory pieces of equipment such as spectrometer, non-destructive mechanical and metallographic tests.(view production line)




established a first foundry in an area of 25,000 sqare meters located in the industrial zone of Najaf Abad

purchased the 2 sets of 5-ton induction furnace and basic foundry and labratory equipments



  1988:utilizing the first foundry

statted to casting light and heavy products requied in industries



 1991:casting and finishing automotive paerts

  supplied the equipment and machinery required for machining heavy vehicles products like the hub , spoke wheel and other chassis parts

provided the production as OEM parts to manufacturers(Iran Khodro , Saipa Diesel ) and after market



 1996: exporting

exporting the products to middle east countries including Saudi , Arabis,Egypt , the Unit Arabia Emirates



 2001: starting fifth wheel production



 2007: Development plan

with the target of producing parts with the high circulation , an 130000 sq.m was purchased and production salons with the foundation of 30000 sq.m established.



 2011: Machinery

Due to the development plan and Iran sanctions , this company established the R@D department and provide the equipments and machinery required for development plan



 2015: utilizing second foundry