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  • foundry
  • Machining
  • Painting
  • Quality control
  • Product engineering
  • R&D

Moulding lines :

-Automatic HWS molding line

  •  Annual output of over 15000 tons
  • capacity of 120 forms per hour with dimensions of 810*665*320+320 mm

- Semi-automatic moulding line

  • Annual output of over 5000 tons
  • Weight capacity up to 1000 kilograms

Sand lines:

  •  Our ERICH line preparation and recycle green sand capacity of 120 tons per hour
  • CO2 production lines with prepration and recycle sand capacity of 6000 kg per hour

Furnaces :

  • Two 15 ton induction furnaces
  • Two 5 ton induction furnaces

Core-making machines :

  • Cold box system
  • CO2 systems

Shot blasting :

  •  Batch type shot
  • continuous shot


Machining units of SCI has advanced production machineries, such as CNC lathe and Carousel machines and horizontal and vertical milling machines ,and variety of modeling and molding equipments with annual machining capacity of over 5000 tons CNC modeling and molding machines.


  • Electrostatic painting (poweder)
  • continues liquid coating


SCI ensures maximum quality compliance with quality assurance pocedures using advanced labratory equipement including:

  • Quantometer
  • Mechanical and Control labratory for microscopic structrual analysis
  • Mechanical test including hardness,tensile testing and elasticity,etc
  • Non-destructive testing methods including ultrasonic, nodular test,MT
  • Dynamic and static testing of fifthwheels to ensure ultimate satisfaction
  • Sand and chemical tests to ensure quality during production


Design and product develpment that exceeds national and international standards

  • Reverse engineering
  • Advanced production technology
  • product design
  • custom models and templates
  • product prorotyping

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Design and manufacturing necessary for foundry and related industries:

  • Design and construction of Coldbox core-making machines
  • Design and construction of dynamic and static testing of fifthwheel
  • Design and construction of electrostatic paint line
  • Design and construction of apron conveyor
  • Design and construction of press fillings
  • Design and construction of continues mixer impressions
  • Design and construction of a silicate adhesive sand recovery